Android Technologies, Inc.

Android Technologies, Inc. is a high tech company that offers algorithmic development on a contract basis. With experience in A.I. technologies such as Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Data Mining, Adaptive Virtual Personalities, and Speech recognition, we can help your company pursue A.I. goals at a reasonable cost!

We can also provide high level consulting and decision assistance in structuring and managing your virtual reality online community and supporting avatar enhancement code.  Donít hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or comments.

We are not Android Inc, the company that Google recently acquired.  Business Week has a good article about Android Inc and the acquisition.  Click here to read the article.

A.I. News In The Making

We firmly believe that toy robots will be the gateway product that will convince the mainstream consumer into becoming a robot owner. Coming soon is a toy robot of unheard of realism and emotional power, the Pleo.


Web 3.0 will be the marraige of artificial intelligence techniques to the collaborative networking techniques now being incubated in the Web 2.0 movement; resulting in a new smarter adaptive Internet where the management, distribution, and interpretation of knowledge will reach a new level of sophistication, interaction, and utility.  In anticipation of the tectonic shifts soon to hit the Internet we have changed our Knowledge Management blog to focus and cover the Web 3.0 movement.

A little holiday fun.  Our sister site,, has partnered with the Discovery Channel to hold a contest for budding Robot news reporters.  During the month of November, the top Roboreporter will win a free Discovery Roboreptile.  Visit the site and have fun and learn all at the same time.

Our company is very excited about the Ruby and Ruby On Rails web development system.  We will be switching over our own web servers from PHP to Ruby in the months to come. If you know of any artificial intelligence work being done in Ruby, please use the contact link below to tell us about it.

We proudly announce our new blog that focuses on our favorite technology the Internet provides. The title is Search 2.0 and it will cover the latest offering in next generation Web 2.0 based search engines and new developments in search coming from the original players like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  Please visit and leave your comments. You can also find more information on the Search 2.0 lens we created on Squidoo.

Our new BreadKrumbs project is ready. Itís a brand new way to journey the web and share that journey with friends, family, and fellow web citizens.  Please take a look

Our second web offering is now here. It is called eGoWalk and if you are a Flickr user, it lets you see your favorite Flickr photographers on a Yahoo! map.

We are a research and development firm, specializing in the creation of robot algorithms and cognitive ideas.  Our mission is to foster the innovations necessary to power the upcoming wave of intelligent machines.  Robots and androids have been rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction into our reality in the last few years. Robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers are the humble start to this sweeping economic and social change, but soon they will start to blur the line between robot and android.

UPDATE: Weíve recently started our own blog called knowledge management so we can share our thoughts with you on the current state of the artificial intelligence industry.

New! Visit the new Roomba & Competition discussion forum on our sister site for robotics.  Itís a brand new forum where you can talk about the Roomba vaccum cleaner and itís competitors .  You can also see our reviews on roomba page for some solid analysis of reviews made by current owners.

New! Visit our up and coming nanotech portal on our sister site for robotics.

Proud member of the A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation



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