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Your Favorite Flickr Photographers On A Yahoo! Map

With eGoWalk you can see geographically where all your Flickr contacts live in the United States on a Yahoo! map thanks to the powerful web services provided by Yahoo! Maps and Flickr.  Different map icons tell you how many contacts live in any particular City & State.  In the image shown here, the diamonds are cities which have a single contact living there and the emeralds are where a small group of 2 to 5 contacts live.

You can view the complete map now if you like.  Any city that has 10 or more contacts living there will show a ruby.

Click on any City and you will see a popup window that shows you the Flickr contacts you have in that city.  When you hover your mouse over any of their buddy icons you will see their name.  Clicking on the buddy icon takes you straight to their profile page so you can learn more about them, or view their photos.

In the sample popup window image shown here, that gives you detail about the contacts I have in Los Angeles, CA, you can see a link that bears the City & State.  Click on this link to do a search for more contacts that live in this area.  You will get a list of other Flickrites that live in the area that you might want to contact and share photographs.

How Do I Make A Map?

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