Use the link below to download a version of the 2.0 AIML files for A.L.I.C.E. that are much smaller than the original ones.  On our system using Program E, which is the PHP version of A.L.I.C.E, the original files would time out using either botloader.php or botloaderinc.php.  By splitting the large AIML files into much smaller ones, botloader.php was able to load the entire category database successfully.

Note: this zip file also includes the files:

  • startup.xml
  • std-65percent.aiml
  • std-pickup.aiml
  • And star.aiml except it is split into several smaller files

These files are not in the original file, but were added to make installation simpler.

This zip file should be extracted into your \alice\programe\aiml sub-directory.



Note if you still have timeout problems, try adding the PHP line:

  • set_time_limit(3000);

At the top of botloader.php, right after the “require_once” statements.  botloader.php can be found in the \alice\programe\src\admin sub-directory.

Click here to download the AIML library of split files



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