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[09-08-2006] - A great new consumer robot is coming soon and is now available for preorder. The i-Sobot, the first product of the recent Tomy/Takara merger and also the world’s smaller mass produced humanoid robot, will be in the hands of consumers well before the holiday season. This is truly an exciting little humanoid robot with almost human-like fluidity of movement and agility; and it’s only 6.5 inches tall!

[05-27-2006] - Our sister site has a new section on Robots & Aircraft that will cover the latest news stories and articles in relation to military and civilian aircraft.

[03-10-2006] UGoBe unveiled a brand new robot dinosaur, created by Caleb Chung the brilliant inventor of the famous Furby. It’s name is Pleo and it will be available this summer. In the meantime, you can stay on top of breaking news by following the Pleo blog or discuss it at the Pleo forum.

[01-14-2006] iRobot continues to dominate the consumer robot market with their Roomba line of robotic vacuum cleaners and the new Scooba; the robotic mop. Scooba cleans kitchen and bathroom floors. At the current price of $400 USD, which can go quite a bit higher with accessories, it’s not yet affordable to everyone.  With time, the price should drop.

iRobot has also expanded the popular Roomba line which now includes the Roomba 4210 Discovery Floorvac, the Roomba 4100/4300 Intelligent Floorvac, and the deluxe Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum.  The 4230 comes with the impressive extra ability to automatically schedule when the robot vacuums and which zones to clean. The reviews on Roomba continue to be overwhelmingly positive.

The company’s military products also continue to grow in popularity and adoption. Their PackBot line of robots were used to track and surveil insurgents in Afgahanistan, and find and defuse bombs in Iraq.  iRobot continues to develop impressive robots that are high in utility value, sturdy, and efficient. We expect more great things from this company in the years to come.

[01-06-2006] Big news at the Consumer Electronics show this 2006 year. WowWee Toys has released 3 new exciting robots, one of which uses Segway’s Human Transporter motion technology.  To read more about these robots, visit out consumer oriented robot web site using these links:

If you are interested in Robosapien hacks, software & hardware mods, tips, tricks, or other ways to get more out your robot, visit

Mark Tilden is out to take the robot toy industry by storm.  Hot on the heels of the overwhelming success of his last robot toy, he has three new toys coming out. You can read about the Robosapien V2, the Robopet, the Roboraptor, and the Mini Robosapien on our sister site for robotics.

Who says robots aren’t fun?  Check out this funny robosapien robot movie and then check out the latest project on our sister site where we teach a Robosapien robot to dance! This project involved the use of Genetic Programming to get a Robosapien robot to learn how to dance by itself; albeit with the aid of human supervision. 

Mark Tilden’s Robosapien robot is destined to fame as a software & hacker’s pet project. For details on the software algorithms and data preparation steps involved in making the Robosapien dance, visit the project using the link above.

For more Robosapien fun, visit the Robosapien Robot Movie page for an extensive list of Robosapien robot movies & videos available from the web.




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