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01-05-2007 - WowWee introduced an interesting new line of robots today at the 2008 Consumer Electronics show.  Here’s a little bit about our favorites:

  • Rovio - a telepresence robot that is WiFi capable and can spy on your home when you are away; as long as you have a web connection and a web enabled access device.
  • Femisapien - a female styled dancing robot that will dance automatically to music or to dance routines you create with her.
  • FlyTech Bladestar - very cool.  A flying bladed machine that has sensors and A.I. and will automatically avoid obstacles in AutoPilot mode, or can be used in dogfights under your direct control.
  • Tri-Bot - a joke telling robot with a tri-wheel base that can also act as an alarm clock that runs away from you in the morning when you try to turn off the alarm.
  • Wrex The Dawg - a dog robot with a pretty offbeat look and equally strange behavior.  Multi-modal behavior pattern and bodily drives make it a funny companion to your house.
  • Mr. Personality - tells stories, fortunes, and jokes with the ability to download new personalities from the Web via a USB connection or its SD card slot.
  • Roboremote - not a robot, but a tool to allow you to design custom action sequences for your WowWee infrared controlled robots and then take it with you.

Here is a list of consumer robots and where you can get more information on each type:

  • Pleo - the most realistic endearing artificial pet to date.  Virtually covered by full body touch sensors, Pleo also has skin sensors, sound sensors, tilt sensors, and a powerful ARM processor; making him one of them most advanced and loved personal companion robots ever.
  • Robot Lawn Mower
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaners
    • iRobot’s Roomba and Scooba robots; self-recharging fully automated vacuum robots
  • Toy Robots
    • i-SOBOT - billed as the world’s smallest humanoid robot, produced for the general public, this talented little bot has all the flexibility and agility of the more expensive Robo-one robots, at a fraction of the cost.  It’s only 6.5 inches high!
    • Spykee - Formely known as the Spyke robot.  New robot from French company Meccano and being sold in the USA under the Erector brand.  This mobile little robot acts as a mobile VOIP phone and remote spy; controllable from anywhere in the world you have a Skype connection. It is self-recharging and has motion sensors that allow it to guard your home and send you a picture via E-mail whenever it is disturbed.
    • Robosapien V2 - The next generation of the Mark Tilden’s popular Robosapien robot.
    • Roboraptor - Mark Tilden’s robot dinosaur with stereo infrared sensors (heat-sensing) and stereo microphones.
    • Robopet - Tilden’s robot dog, an inexpensive answer to the Sony Aibo.
    • Elmo Live - Fisher-Price’s upcoming high tech entry into their line of animatronic Elmo dolls.




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